What is A Research Paper?

Whenever we hear the word “Research Paper” the thought that often occurs to our mind is the production of a document which we must produce by going through piles of books and articles, and finding the most accurate information suited to the topic we have to write the research paper on. Even if you do not think that but there are sure to be a lot of books, artworks, articles and essays involved. A Research Paper must give you that image but it is also much more than collecting facts through several different sources as the main aim of a research paper to argue a point and present a perspective. Basically, a research paper must present your views either supporting or disagreeing with the presented information and ideas. 

The main goal of a research paper is to discuss a particular issue, research it enough to collect evidence and facts, and presenting opinion supporting the viewpoint or going against it. When producing a research paper the student must present his own evaluation, viewpoint or argument. You use every information you have or have collected and use that to write the research paper. The more solid facts and evidence you have the more effective the research paper tend to be. You use different sources such as interviews, articles, videos, and books to make your point stronger. If you know the right approach then you won’t have to be confused on what to do with all the collected sources.  

The writer must have a thorough knowledge of the topic he is writing about otherwise his research paper would sound made up, and it would not be appreciated in the literary community. A scientist writing a research paper would read as many case material as he could to support his scientific ideas. A student of history who has to write about world war would read and collect as much information as he could to support his ideas with facts and evidence. If a Lawyer was to write a research paper, he would first research thoroughly and read and collect as much information as he could and then present ideas to support that case. A research paper may also be the further study of a scholarly article or research paper already written by someone else, and using those results to evaluate and argue a point. Most scholarly research papers go through the process of reviewing before they accepted to be published in the academic journal. 

When students are required to write research papers at school level or higher academic level, every student finds it a tedious and difficult task. Research Papers can be most complex and challenging to write, and most students have trouble writing research papers because it requires a lot of time and patience. The trouble can be with the student having less knowledge about the subject, or not knowing what to write, or how to handle writing research paper efficiently and faster. 

 Stages of Writing a Research Paper:

Stages of writing a research may differ, it could either consist of a few stages or several stages depending on the subject and topic of the paper. Mostly the first stage consists of choosing a solid and relevant topic and then writing a thesis statement which consists of goals and objectives of the presented thesis. Further, the student collects all the relevant information through different sources such as articles, interviews, books etc. The student then uses the data collected from those sources and uses them to present the main body of the research paper. 

The last stage of writing a research paper is often the toughest and stressful as this presents the evaluation and analysis of the writer. He has to establish a point of view from all the previous information and conclude the paper in a proper way. The student must have known about the basic principles of the research paper and academic writing. 

The Main Types of Research Papers: 

When writing a research paper the student must have in-depth knowledge and understanding of the topic he is writing on. Only then can the student produce a good research paper. There are a few mainly used research paper types, and each type is used widely depending on the college and what discipline it represents. And knowing how to write each type is important. The teacher often gives you guidelines on how to write the research paper but here are some main types of research paper:

  • Analytical Research Papers 
  • Argumentative Papers
  • Compare and Contrast Papers
  • Reports 
  • Interpretive Papers
  • Cause and Effect Papers
  • Definition

All the main types of research papers serve a different purpose. A definition paper is about providing clear analysis and explanation of a specific topic. A student is required to write Cause and Effect research paper to present a chain of logical causes and effects related to a specific topic. An argumentative research paper shows different sides of the issue and the student either supports it or writes against it by providing solid reasoning. Reports are written to outline studies that were written and conducted before. Interpretive research papers are quite similar to Definition papers. Compare and Contract research papers are written to present two viewpoints of different authors and compare and contrast them for solid reasoning. And the analytical research paper requires the student to analyze the topic deeply, and present several opinions regarding that topic. 

Tips on How to Write a Research Paper: 

Even if you have written several research papers in the past it is never an easy task to write it as it could take a tedious amount of time which could become a quite daunting task for the writer. It requires a thorough and in-depth knowledge of the topic, along with strong and solid analytical skills, which isn’t often possessed by everyone. Everyone wishes that they could somehow simply the process and could make research paper writing easier so it could save their time and energy, and give them the ability to achieve higher grades in the classroom. Here are some good tips that every research paper should remember in order to produce an excellent research paper. Here are some main tips on how to write a good research paper: 

Planning Ahead: Research Papers can take a lot of time to write, and collecting informative date from good sources can become hard when you do not have enough time to meet the deadline, and if you write a research paper in a short period of time you would not be able to come up with an excellent research paper if you don’t have thorough knowledge. So it is important to plan ahead and give the paper at least a month. 

Creating a Good Thesis: Creating a Good thesis statement should also be the student’s top priority. The student must first discuss and confirm it with their instructor and professor, and always make sure your thesis statement is short, relevant, simple and clear. As a good thesis statement is what would make your research paper stand out. 

Taking Notes: When you are conducting the study then make sure to note down all the good points and facts.

Detailed Outline: This should contain all the main and solid points. It must also include solid examples and arguments. 

Following the Requirements: Following the requirements for producing a research paper should be the most important thing. 

Making a Rough Draft: Make sure to make a rough draft that you can confirm from the teacher and polish it to produce a flawless research paper. 

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