Report on Stakeholder Analysis

  • The Issue Identification 

The Issue confronts by the CEO of the company is to choose the supplier through the detailed analysis of stakeholders. The selection of supplier should be relevant with the win-win situation of stakeholders and the objectivity of the business on actual grounds. The bolt selections and the different processes during the purchasing mechanism of bolt from the supplier should base upon reason over there. 

  • Identifies the entire population of stakeholders

The basic level approach seems relevant with different stakeholders at different level so that the production process could be starts through their consent as well. 

  • Safety need laws at government level
  • Attractiveness in the material at consumer level
  • Consent of technical specification during selection of bolt at employee level
  • The purchase price at shareholder level
  • The labor law practices while selecting supplier at trade union level
  • The least harm to external environment at community level: considerations of regulations at NGO’s level
  • Understandability of safety measure at general public level
  • Ethical business practices at suppliers level involved in decision-making
  • Indentifies the top three stakeholders with good reasoning


The most important stakeholder that concerns with the external matters and can build the image of the company externally is the community. The environmental concern is the basic way to think about the product and its direct benefits to the community so that community could save. The selection of CO-2 is not needed at all because the heavy disruptions of community can happen in the exact approach. The community, thus a major way to intervene in the internal strategy selection and more concerned than the pricing. 


The next stakeholder that can influence internally over the select strategy is the shareholders itself. The Shareholders have the temptation of return on investment are always concerns with the profitability and need a pricing strategy during the production because they are centralized with the consumer demands and profitability through the least production cost. The shareholders are always deal as the consumer demands in the least price because it can enhance their profit as well.


The external regulations of government are almost deal with the product development directly with the regulations. The requirement that should deal in the meaningful way and if not it may hinder the performance in the external environment as the safety regulations in production of bike rack and with the proper weight age directions as well. 

  •  Areas for Comparison with Pros and Cons of proposed action for each stakeholder

The poor labor practices in the selection of first company show that the Unions are not happy with such selection that is negatives with the regulations at government level. The labor practices in china can be ignored entirely and there should be international level labor practices that may enhance the image of the company. The pricing level again could attract the pool of customers because it will decrease the cost in production. The selection of second option is the high-priced option and shareholders cannot bear the selection in any form because it will decrease their ROI and benefits the investors of the company. The environment disruption by selecting the second option negates the role of community and separates the business from sustainability concept in any case. The competitors’ observation during the selection is another way that could meet in easiest way after the selection. The weight restriction is the exact information as the customer already has about the bike and government’ institutions also in buzzing the approach to made such products that can be as according to the requirement at government level. 

  • Analyzes the issue from the top three stakeholder perspectives based on the three concepts with a CSR focus

Community Shareholders Government
Illegal Intervention  Company CO-1: it will got criticism but can invite illegal intervention during days to come

Company CO-2: it will triggers the illegal intervention because of toxic material in environment 

Company CO-3:  No, there is no legal intervention at all because the packaging information is enough to information consumers about weight age restriction

Best Overall Co./Why: The selection of CO-3 is the best one because the community can got the maxim advantage and there is no illegal intervention 

Company CO-1: than the middle price option could be least satisfactory

Company CO-2: than the high price option is not a good practice at all

Company CO-3: Than the low price option is appealing towards shareholders

Best Overall Co./Why: The best option is about to select the CO-3 because the same safety measures with lowest price and there is no illegal intervention in giving the information only at packaging

Company CO-1:  than the government laws could identify some illegal intervention can possible over there

Company CO-2:  than the government can sue the company upon toxic material issue that is illegal

Company CO-3: than there would not illegal- intervention, because, giving the instruction at packaging only is the law.

Best Overall Co./Why: The best option is to select the CO-3 because it would not against the legalities in any case. 

The Illegal Intervention some or in complete manner can involve in CO-1 and even CO-2 but the best option to be choose is the CO-3 in all aspects
Business Sustainability  Company CO-1: the unethical labor practices could intervene

Company CO-2: then the environmental ill could come

Company CO-3: bolt no issue because law said to give info at packaging

Best Overall Co./Why: If the CEO choose CO-3’s The best choice is to select CO-3 because business seems sustainable

Company CO-1: The sustainable business is the profitable as well but labor practices can restricts it

Company CO-2: The sustainable business is the profitable but toxic material in open environment is issue

Company CO-3: 

The sustainable environment with external rules and regulations is the best approach of shareholders

Best Overall Co./Why:

The best approach is to go with CO-3- because of lowest price with sustainability can achieve in such selection

Company CO-1: The unethical labor laws at government level can disrupt the sustainability

Company CO-2: The government level issues through toxic material could be dangerous for sustainability 

Company CO-3: 

The business sustainability with government laws implementation is glaring in this corporation

Best Overall Co./Why:

The selection of CO-3 looks the sustainable business according to laws  

The selection of CO-3 is the best corporation in all aspects and show that they are running the business in the sustainable mindset
Respect for People Company CO-1:

The respect of people disrupts due to unethical labor practices of china

 Company CO-2:

The toxic material in the open environment is against the ethical ways of external people

Company CO-3:

The technical consent in developing the specification showed the respect for people at internal community 

Best Overall Co./Why:

The best corporation is CO-3 because the company justifiably do respect for people

Company CO-1: 

The unethical labor practices show no respect for people and even costs high 

Company CO-2:

The toxic material is the serious injury to environment and legally costs the company against it 

Company CO-3:

The selection of company no respect at people aspect as well as at costly practice 

Best Overall Co./Why:

The best corporation is CO-3 because the cost is also lowest with the public awareness about  bike rack

Company CO-1:

The government laws seems disrupting because the people are using as abuse on company

 Company CO-2:

The laws of government is to protect environment so that people can socially interact with each other I not maintain by this company

Company CO-3: 

The laws accomplishment with the public awareness about safety issues is exactly under government’ laws 

Best Overall Co./Why:

The government regulations along with the people intervention is the major factor and only available over here

The best company is CO-3 because it is meeting all the criterion of respect for people inc comparison with three stakeholders 
Best Co. For Community

The best selection according to government’ regulations is the respect for people because the community is being directed as best way

Best Co. For Shareholders

The best selection is the CO-3 because the costs matters a lot and this is lowest cost material purchase deal

Best Co. For Government

The government regulations is being monitored and implemented as the best way because the packaging information and legal intervention is exactly with endorsed the laws of government 

*Best Company to Recommend

The best recommend corporation is CO-3 because it endorsed the role of CSR aspect s in comparison of top stakeholders in all aspects.


  • Conclusion and Recommendation

The company A is very keen in selection among the three strategic choices and can make the strategic decision more glaring only by including the CSR maxim during selection. The system approach requires the work to show that the company deals with the exact approach to show that either the community impact is directly meet with the justified reasoning and as it with the investors and regulations approach. The CO-3 is entirely relevant with the win-win situation because it meet the technical requirement of safety, regulations of the road during riding, weight-age consideration directions, the best geographical locations and the lowest price according to shareholder’s perspective.  

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