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If you need a research paper then buy a research paper from us. Research Paper is a comprehensive academic exercise, in which individual or group carries-out an extensive study regarding a phenomenon. It starts with a subject and then that selected subject can be 1) examined or 2) explored in a different manner. Generally, a researchpaper, which is methodical and research-basedacademic exercise, is produced with certain intention. The intention could be to explore or discover a subject or phenomenon or the intention could be to test existing attributes and assertions, regarding a subject or phenomenon. On this basis, we classify a research paper, which result in use of particular typesof instruments for a research paper. 

It is apparent, from the term Research Paper, that a typical research paper, of any genre, is based on research. It is the soul of a research paper and without it, it has insignificance or relevance,therefore, in a research paper, the emphasis is on research. The prime objective, in any research paper, is to gather data (in particular manner using certain tools) and then analyze that data for interpretation(s) and to draw conclusion(s). Therefore, it is imperative that data is gathered from those sources, which are credible and the health of that data must be intact. In addition to the health and credibility of data, Researcher must also ensure that data is relevant. This healthy, valid and relevant data is used in a manner, which is associated with particular style or genre of writing. It must be acknowledged that type of research paper necessitates theretrieving of data, analysis of data and its interpretation in particular manner and fashion.

There are two primary categories of research papers, which are academic research papers and non-academic research papers. These two primary categories have sub-categories, which differ from one another on different basis.

Types of Research Papers

As we have already mentioned that there several types of research papers. However, there are two primary categories, academic and non-academic. 

Non-academic categories include,

Argumentative Research Paper: it is such research paper, which presents two sides of a research paper (sometimes more than two). As the research paper is based on the arguments from two different school of thoughts, pertaining to an issue; therefore, such research paper requires extensive research. In this type of research paper, a researcher must not biased in favor of particular viewpoint or argument and he/she must be rational and objective. In such research papers, information is provided in particular manner and then the evidence, information or data is scrutinized to draw conclusions. Generally, it is a cumbersome process, which requires a lot of time and good understanding of research. In addition, a researcher must remain objective during the entire exercise (production of research paper). 

Analytic Research Paper is unique as it emphasizes on the source of information and various viewpoints associated with an information. In such type of research paper, information and viewpoints are sorted along with the methodology. During the receiving of data, a focuses on data’s health (used in previous research), methodology and conclusion. 

The other types include Cause and Effect research papers, Description research papers, compare and contrast research papers etc.

Academic Research Papers 

There are three types of academic papers; Qualitative Research Papers, Quantitative Research Papers, Mixed research papers. These three categories are formed by the research methodology, which is used in particular type of research paper. For instance, Quantitative Research Papers are explores a subject and phenomenon, whereas, Quantitative Research Papers are deductive. These two types have their own instruments to retrieve data, whereas and use particular techniques to explore/scrutinize data. In mixed research papers, mix of both methodologies are used. It must also be acknowledged that these academic research papers have a very set or established pattern. They start with an abstract, which is then followed by review of literature. The next section is of methodology, which is followed up by analysis/interpretation. The last section is of conclusion,which is the end-result of entire exercise. 

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